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A Little Walk on our Wild Side

One of the absolute pleasures of living along the ‘wilds’ of the North Coast, is the abundance of lush green vegetation begging to be explored. Brettenwood was developed from the ground up, quite literally, and it was done with great care, as we wanted to preserve the natural beauty and magic of the area, creating a ‘world’ filled with adventures for our residents.

The result of this is the abundance of immersive walking trails that take you around dams, through forests and woodlands into wetlands – everyone has their own favourite, straying right off the beaten trails as well. The wildlife and birdlife is in abundance and you may meander by duiker, bushbuck, mongoose, monkeys, hares and so much more. Many an eagle-eyed resident has spotted, well… eagles, and has captured them, along with sunsets, flaura and fauna on film. Our walking trails are undoubtedly one of the things that make our estate as exceptional and individual as it is.

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