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Brettenwood is an Estate that has been built with nature lovers in mind. Great pains were taken to ensure that the area habitat remained as untouched as possible, and the result is a green, lush environment that is teaming with nature in all its forms. You are as likely to wake up to bushbuck in your garden as you are to fish eagles in the sky, and that is to say, quite likely. There is always something new and wonderful to capture your attention and imagination, so whether you are a lone wanderer preferring your own company as you stroll along a dam edge, or prefer the investment of many eyes, pointing out different species in hushed delight, as you take in some group bird watching, you will not be found wanting.


Brettenwood dams, of which there are many, both natural and man made, provide brilliant environments for various thriving eco-systems. Several of our dams are stocked, however they are catch-and-release only. Ensuring that our fishy residents get to grow another day. Kids love playing along the water banks or chancing their arm at fishing, while the more mature enjoy a slow stroll along them in the fading afternoon sun.

bird watching

Brettenwood Coastal Estate is a bird lover and watchers paradise. If the female Pied Kingfisher in the Brettenwood logo didn’t give it away… you won’t have to travel far through the gates of our estate to discover its deep appreciation for birds in every road you turn down. Literally. There is Kingfisher Boulevard, Plover Crescent, Dabchick Dam, Weavers Nest, Wagtail Rest, the list goes on. Since the Estate was established in 2007 more than 230 different bird species have been spotted and documented.

Download our Bird Watchers Checklist here.


Duiker, Bushbuck, Mongoose, Hare, Bats, Guinea Fowl (they even have their own crossing), Monkeys, Moles, Genet, Weasels and Bushbaby to name but a few. These are the sorts of wild animals that you will have a front row seat to experience within our Estate. Sometimes they will saunter through your garden, on other occasions you will spot them when you venture onto one of our beaten trails. But either way we can assure you, you won’t have to go far to find something wild and wonderful. They are your new neighbours after all.

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