Club And Activities

Brettenwood is a social Estate, which is proven through its diverse and fun array of clubs, activites and events (some hosted by the Estate and others by the residents themselves) to keep everyone engaged and entertained (if that is your thing). Whether you like to sit on the sidelines or be an active participant, you can look forward to everything from bike club to book club, and from art class to bridge.

Brettenwood hosts:

  • Various themed evenings
  • Events (Some of these may include: jazz evenings, quiz nights, wine tastings, fan parks, annual celebrations, live music, art exhibitions).

Residents have access to the various Estate amenities and facilities to host their own social clubs, these vary and the list is constantly evolving, but the sort of activities you may find include:

  • Fly fishing club
  • Bird watching club
  • Book clubs
  • Cycling clubs (for kids and retirees and everyone in-between)
  • Yoga
  • Water aerobics
  • Bridge club
  • Art classes
  • Photography
  • Gym classes


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