Brettenwood Coastal Estate may have once been home to rolling green hills of sugarcane, swaying in the gentle North Coast breeze but it is now a perfect example of natural selection. Tucked away within a lush green belt, great care has been taken to maintain and in fact encourage the natural flora and fauna of the area, ensuring the Estate remains green, verdant, wild, beautiful and breathtaking.

Various dams are scattered in the valleys and dips, providing a home to an abundance of wildlife and birdlife, and a peaceful outlook for all that are blessed enough to open their doors onto this natural wonder.

Dams are strictly catch and release, for recreation purposes only, and provide a fun escape for the young on the Estate. In addition there are hides, and forest walkways that provide ample opportunity to witness nature without impacting on it, a bird watchers paradise.

With a year round temperate climate, life (animal and human) on the estate is always alive and flourishing. Expect soft summer breezes, humid summer days and mild winters that birth an annual world of colour in our gardens and grasslands.

In Short, Brettenwood Coastal Estate is a wild and wonderful place, which makes the most of its environment.

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