This is your life now. A hot cup of coffee in hand, sitting on your front deck overlooking a peaceful dam, with the sunrise streaking the horizon, its fingertips dancing off the ocean. A soft breeze brings you the smell of the ocean, while fish eagles swoop and dip overhead. Can you imagine anything better?

On Brettenwood Coastal Estate, daily life centres around the outdoors, with homes immersed in nature. Beyond your back door are winding walking trails and wetlands, while baby bushbuck graze happily in your garden. For the social, there are picnic and braai spots dotted around the Estate, all the amenities and facilities you can imagine, along with likeminded neighbours who are destined to become your friends. The essence of ‘coastal living’ is embraced here every day, with the ‘outdoors’ orientation encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. One that includes walking and cycling trails criss-crossing the contoured landscape.

Peace of mind can never be underestimated. As an exclusive residential Estate, Brettenwood prides itself on state-of-the-art security measures, boasting a ‘zero breach status’ – but when you do enter, you are met with the warm welcome of smiling guards and staff before proceeding along our breathtakingly beautiful but safe and secure parameters. One word of warning for all those that enter though. There will be animal crossings and children at play, since biking to neighbours or exploring exciting green spaces, is once again a quintessential childhood experience.

And what about you? Exploring exicting spaces is a quintessential part of your life again now too. Woodlands Restaurant is just around the corner, providing sit down dining and entertainment, while our Community Centre regularly hosts social activities ranging from book clubs to dinner parties, and yoga classes to music events.

Whether young, adult or elderly (but young at heart) Brettenwood provides the perfect lifestyle for you. A place where ‘family first’ means exactly that.

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