The benefits of buying in an established Estate

The newly launched 28-home development in Brettenwood Coastal Estate ‘Palm Swift’ offers young purchasers a unique opportunity to live a great life within the safe walls of an exclusive and established Estate. Owning a home (with the opportunity to bring your pets or get two new puppies) for under R3 million in one of the North Coast’s finest Estates is a rarity. Waiting along Brettenwood’s grand ‘Falcon Crescent’ through a canopy of trees is a dream home that opens your way to luxury estate living.

“One of the unique selling points purchasers are enjoying is the fact that most of the building on the estate is completed as this is one of Brettenwood’s last sectional title developments. The benefits of this include the fact that you won’t be surrounded by noisy trucks, dust and the disturbances of ongoing construction as the Estate is 15 years old and well-established. Brettenwood has reached the stage where nature has started to become the focal point rather than building.” – Gary Botha, General Manager and Development Project Manager, Hulett Development Company

There’s no better time to invest in one of the last sectional title developments, the family-focused ‘Palm Swift’ development.

The country is waiting for confidence before they invest in South Africa; however, we have confidence in gated estates and massive confidence in the homes within Brettenwood Coastal Estate that have resold with sellers being incredibly pleased with their return on investment, especially those who built when land was under R1.5m.

Soon we will be launching our assisted living facility and all the medical benefits that come with this which will raise Brettenwood Coastal Estate to another level offering an even better Return on Investment for home owners.