Summer is for Salads – Strawberry Spinach Salad with Candied Pecans

One of the best parts about heading into the warmer weather is the opportunity to try our hand at all sorts of fun summer dishes, while we entertain our family and friends. Considering how this weekend looks to be shaping up weather wise we thought we would offer you this stunning salad to trial. Enjoy.


Strawberry Spinach Salad with Candied Pecans


2 tbsp salted butter

1 cup pecan nuts

2 tbsp brown sugar

180 gsm spinach leaves

1 1/2 cups strawberries, stems removed

1/4 cup goat cheese, or feta cheese if desired

1 red onion

Balsamic vinaigrette, for dressing



1. Melt the butter in a small skillet over medium heat. Toss in the pecans and brown sugar, stirring to coat. Cook over medium heat until the sugar begins to caramelize (about 3 minutes). Spread out pecans on a wax paper lined baking sheet to cool.

2. In your salad bowl layer the spinach leaves, strawberries, feta cheese, red onions and pecans.

Don’t pour dressing on salad until ready to serve. Enjoy!