Renting in Brettenwood Coastal Estate

Words by Sandra Schuitt

It is very easy to sell a product that you believe in, and I have been privileged to work with a top end product such as Brettenwood Coastal Estate, a proven success. I am personally not involved in sales on the Estate but in the rentals department which inevitably leads to a sale as once someone has been ‘bitten by the Brettenwood lifestyle bug’ it is very hard to leave and most tenants choose to make the Estate their home forever. The markets have changed over time and in these uncertain economic and political seasons we find ourselves in, we have noticed that many people are downscaling and choosing to be more ‘cash liquid.’

Large homes are up for sale and many older clients are deciding to rent instead of buy. The trend is to rent in an Estate so that you are not tied down, so that you are safe and don’t have to worry about maintenance, levies and a large garden or pool. They want to travel and spend time with family; many of whom have unfortunately left for ‘greener pastures’. The rental market has grown substantially and there is very limited stock available in the R16,000 to R25,000 range, especially homes that are pet friendly. That being said, the landlords are having to take into consideration that tenants are wanting to negotiate slightly, especially if the lease is up for renewal.

Good tenants are worth keeping and the relationship between Landlords and Tenants can be rather temperamental. For this reason, proper vetting of tenants is of the utmost importance and all security checks, taking of deposits, signing of conduct rules and collecting FICA documents need to be done on signature of the lease agreement, by both parties, before final approval of the lease by Brettenwood Home Owners Association (BHOA).

Brettenwood only allows long term rentals for a period of one year or more. No holiday letting or AirBnB’s are permitted on the Estate. We have noticed that this is a huge drawcard and works in our favour as other Estates are currently experiencing crime, uncontrollably noisy holidaymakers and other breaches in security. Not only is security at Brettenwood not compromised, but rules can be enforced for the benefit of all who reside in the Estate. My goal as a rental agent is to find the perfect fit, between happy tenants, happy landlords & happy Estate residents.