Making an Impression

They say that first impressions last, this is never better encapsulated than through the sense of welcome and warmth that you are met with as you drive toward the Brettenwood Coastal Estate gates. Honestly, it feels like ‘coming home’, even if it isn’t your home… not yet anyway.

With their beautiful statement entrance, complete with flowing water features, you are immediately drawn in, and then when beyond their walls, transported into a captivating, extraordinary place. Yes, first impressions may last, but all other impressions matter too, and at Brettenwood the follow through is unparalleled.

The smiling guards looking after the entrance form a happy welcoming committee as you enter one of the most safe and secure estates in the country. Next thing you know you are winding your way through a world of incredible, well-manicured, green gardens, and across lakes alive with birdlife.

When spending time on this magnificent estate, you get to truly appreciate all that it has to offer. There is a diversity of options in terms of property, sure, but equally of note are the world-class facilities and amenities. The retirement community, Forest Village, speaks for itself through its success. It has sold so well that there are very limited opportunities left, but with new facilities doxycycline online being launched in 2019, you may yet get your chance.

Visitors from all over South Africa and abroad frequently choose Brettenwood as their new home. You should too. If you are in the market for a perfect new home, stop by and let Brettenwood make an impression on you.

Please reach out to their sales team to find out more: mark@brettenwood.co.za / 082 789 6340