Buying in Brettenwood Coastal Estate

Words by Mark Harris

The property market throughout South Africa is proving a challenge for sellers to fetch asking prices with buyers being few and far between. This is a result of uncertainty throughout the country leaving buyers with the question, “Will my home be a good investment?”

This is not the first time we have seen this cycle in the property industry in South Africa, and as they say ‘the wheel always turns.’ In good time we will look forward to positive growth in the property market. Gated estates, especially estates such as Brettenwood that are close to being fully developed, are always a safe investment which consistently offer investors positive growth in their investment.

There has been a lot of interest in more affordable, manageable homes in these economic times. The demand in the market sets the trends in terms of what properties investors are seeking to purchase. We have a constant demand for properties in the R3 million bracket, including retirement options which are always in demand. These demands have been evident in previous and current developments which are underway within Brettenwood. Finding a tranquil established retirement village for your golden years is vital for security and happiness. Brettenwood offers all of these and more.