Brettenwood Coastal Estate lies between lush deep glades of an indigenous forest on one side, and the magnificent Indian Ocean on the other. The unique ecosystem in this special corner of the world includes wild coastal forest, glade forest, grasslands and wetlands alive with birds and small wildlife.


The Estate's dams, stocked with Tilapia and Wide Mouth Bass, result in hours of catch and release fun for the whole family, whilst strategically hidden bird hides, some high up in the trees, are the perfect platform for bird watchers to pursue their passion, without disturbing Mother Nature.

Wide Spaces & Walkways

Residents indulge in nature as their neighbour on a daily basis.

Large areas of open space and facilities which are built into nature, such as Woodland Rest, the rustic boma and picnic area, brings Mother Nature right to their doorstep.

And even if one is not fond of the outdoors, the old Goulevan track which has been converted into the most beautiful walkway under natural canopies is hard to resist.

Natural Screens

Homes are screened from each other visually by foliage, natural ridges, beautiful water ways or trees. Medium density areas are tucked into amphitheatres and are set well below the ridge lines, which ensure limited infringement on sea views.

These areas are also surrounded by coastal forest bands to integrate them visually into the topography of the Estate.


The conservation areas, where rustic benches form part of the landscape, are really special places on the Estate.

Bird watchers and nature lovers are able to spend a lot of time observing and studying the variety of bird life and small wildlife particularly prevalent in the conservation areas.