The Brettenwood Coastal Estate architecture is an interpretation of master architect Frank Lloyd Wright's vision of 'building in nature'. The main themes of this style involve an emphasis on the horizontal. With low pitched roof-lines and cantilevers, large windows and glass walls, the use of natural materials and colours, spacious patios and the creation of private spaces and outdoor rooms by integrating the landscape into the building.

The Estate's architecture has been chosen to enhance the Estates natural beauty. On this Estate, homes are built in harmony with their sites by capturing light and views, whilst being sensitive to the sub-tropical climate.

Simon Bundy of SDP, the Estate's environmental consultants, has developed a Conservation Management Plan which is used as a strict guideline to facilitate and monitor the effective co-habitation of residents and the fauna and flora on the Estate.

The generous planting servitudes ensure 6 meters of indegenous planting between homes and have provided for the re-establishment of coastal forest tree species, including Flat Crown, Milkwood, Mdoni and Natal Mahongany, along all the Estate's roads, creating visual buffers which enhance the privacy of residents. To date over 3000 additional indegenous trees have been planted in the servitudes and conservation areas.